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Per Lütken identification help


I recently purchased a Per Lütken for Holmegaard Glass vase at a thrift store. The smoke-colored vase is about 7 3/4” tall and 7 3/4” across. It has an etched Holmegaard signature with a “PL” and a unilateral number 3187. I’ve searched hardernet.DK and could not identify it. I would love help identifying this design. Thank you.

This site might be of help.

I've just realised you said you'd searched Hardernet  ::)

This article number is for stemware in the book Glass is life so I'm confused.

Thank you for looking in the book. That is confusing. I’ve only seen one other piece that looks like this online. It’s for sale on and has a number 3184. But mine clearly has 3187 etched on it.


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