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For show vase with pincered lattice Venice & Murano Glass Company or Salviati

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I am very, very taken by this piece.  ;)
I love it. ;D
As to Moretti moving between companies, I am very much reminded of the history of Carltonware and Wedgwood and the matter of them fighting with each other over the highly talented enamel paintresses who could be tempted to the other company by better wages in the earlier parts of the 20th century.
Around the time of the Fairyland Lustreware Wedgwood made.
The official history tells of one time a factory owner actually chased a girl who was walking out, picked her up and carried her bodily back into his factory.
The factories were just across the road from each other - the proximity allowed the workers to try to get themselves slightly better conditions.

Think that is lovely  :)


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