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Hello ! Please help me identify this tchecoslovŠquie vase.

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First of all hello!!

Thank you for any help with this garage sale find. Itís very pretty.
Iíve spent a a few days trying to learn about this piece.
Iíve been unable to find anything close enough to identify it and so Iím asking for help with it.
Itís very lovely and I wasnít able to capture the clear glass surrounding the coloured glass.

The only thing Iíve been able to learn is itís made for the french market. 1918-1939ish..  but there was a brief period where the mark was used in the 50-60s?

Iíd love to learn more about this!  :)

It is shown here on Pamela's site in the vases section. Scroll down to Hermanova Hut, top row, fourth one along.

Thank you so much I never wouldíve found it on my own.
Iíve been scrolling through pages of glass for days.
Thanks again!

I was able to learn so much about had the information from the link you sent me

I found a cool link that had the catalogue that the vase was originally in. Iím sure you already know it but I thought Iíd share because the catalogue link is really cool

Thanks again

Yes that is Jindrich Parik's site, the whole site used to be freely available but is now subscription only, which is fair enough. Researching pieces is half the fun of glass collecting  ;D


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