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Libbey rummer for show.

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Very heavy glass, little wear and a two part mould, the mark is not clear, a moulded 'L' have googled Libbey but can't find anything that looks like this  ??? ;D

  Inexpensive utilitarian ware made by at least several different companies. some with a molded line above the thumbprints. Very common c.1960s and 1970s., probably later. Some with a light color staining , blue or purple-red.

Thanks for the reply, for inexpensive glass, it is very heavy and seems well made  ;D

And with a very thick bowl. It looks to have a properly heat finished rim that doesn't look machine made to me.  ???
The foot and stem seem flimsier and machine-ier.

As to the L, I have a '70s Ravenhead Lager glass with exactly the same raised mark on it. It's an accident, a strand of glass that just got itself there and landed in a very neat capital L shape. It looks exactly like an elegant script.

Very thick ! the base of the bowl is at least an inch thick  ;D


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