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Does anyone have any information on how to access CMOG catalogues which are actually available online?   I haven't discovered a way to do this without tunnelling through acres of data which are available only in person.  I know they say they are updating & digitising but there doesn't seem any immediate solution.  I did try asking them but their only response was to ask what I was looking for in particular, which I wasn't. :(

I was having the same problem. They used to show all the trade catalogue that were available online in a long list, as you say, they have now mixed them altogether with all the offline stuff, and there is masses of that.

Itís not ideal, but for example to search for the St Louis catalogues, I do an advanced search, with ďLouis DigitizedĒ (digitised with a z) in the search field and select trade catalogues from the material type menu. It still comes up with quite a lot of unavailable items but itís easier to scroll through and you can identify the digitised catalogues as there will be a thumb nail photo of the cover on the left. With Digitized in the search you get 65 results rather than 584 without.

You need to know roughly what youíre searching for though. Please get back if you find a better method.

Thanks Ekimp for posting that, it's a very handy tip.

 :) itís actually not that bad and think Iíve found some stuff I missed before.

Actually, visiting the site again yesterday, I realised there is now an easy way:  there is a section right at the beginning of the Rakow part, where online items are listed together & can be searched.  Rakow Digital Collections - Trade Catalogs:

They've had a notice up for yonks saying they are digitising their collection & this, presumably, is the early stages of the results.    Perhaps understandably, most of the items shown are Corning, but others are available & it completely removes the frustration of searching for something one can actually see :)

Thank you to everyone for their replies.


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