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hi all, i need the stopper for Danish or Swedish kluk kluk rhe painted type decanter ships scenes fishing ,it is a odd shape stopper, i have posted the decanter in glass id section, thank you

this is the decanter that I need the original stopper for , thank you in advance

i suppose it will take a while but one day

Hi, even if you find a stopper the correct style, youíll be very lucky if it fits properly as they are hand made and the pegs all different sizes. If you are sold one at distance, I doubt youíll know if itíll fit until you try it, even if the seller carefully measures it. If a stopperís peg is too big, you could get it ground to fit but would probably be expensive.

You might find something cheap and suitable at markets/antique fairs - sometimes sellers have a box of loose decanter stoppers that you could try.

Some glass restorers keep a stock of stoppers and can grind them to fit. It's also possible to have a new stopper made, though it's likely to be costly. I know Facets Glass ( claim to be able to source stoppers. Alternatively, a metal and cork stopper would at least get the decanter back to being functional.


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