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Australian Carnival Glass by Crown Crystal

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We've talked about the beautiful Carnival made by Australia's Crown Crystal on several occasions. If you'd like to look at some of their glass, here's an article.


GREAT article, Glen :!:

I didn't realise how small some of the pieces are, until I saw the photo of the Kiwi nappy being held in the hand.

My favourite is the Swan.  :D

Wow, an entire range of glass to discover. The world of glass truly is amazing.

Many thanks, Della and wrightoutlook (what's your name?  :D )

Della - the Kiwi nappy (individual berry bowl) is 5" across the top. I think that the foreshortening effect of the angle at which I took the pic has made my hand look a bit out of proportion. But the little nappies are quite delicate and lovely, alongside the chunkier and heavier master bowls.

The biggest of all is the Kookaburra Float bowl. That's going on 11" across the top. There are also some very impressive comports that are large and very showy.

Thanks again, both of you, for taking the time to look at the article. I appreciate it.


Thank you Glen, this is wonderful and extremely interesting. I love the birds on these pieces, and the swan is superb. I do agree entirely with WO that the world of glass is truly amazing, especially when we have you Glen to keep bringing us new articles to expand our glass horizons even more. Thank you!


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