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Unusual ? pressed glass. - ID = Bryce, Walker & Company

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Not quite my field of collecting but this certainly caught my attention today.
Whilst cleaning it i noticed it poured very well.
nice wear to the bottom of the foot and is reactive to UV light.
Any pointers to the country of origin or the factory that made it would be appreciated.
It stands 150mm tall and is about 75mm in diameter.

  Patented March 15, 1881 by Henry J Smith [U.S.A.]. "He assigned this so-called "ambidextrous" pitcher to Bryce, Walker & Company" [U.S.A.]. Information comes from the book AMERICAN PRESSED GLASS and FIGURE BOTTLES by Albert Christian Revi c.1964. He shows two illustrations from the patent. No patent no. given. You may be able look it up on the U.S. patent office website with name and date.

Thank you so much Cagney, i would have been trying to track that glass down for an awful long time.
I will have a look at the patent information.
In the book did it give any years for manufacture?
In your experience is the jug a common item?.
If you are connected to people who are interested in this type of glass please feel to use these images.
Once again thanks for your help,

  No years of manufacture given. I can say this, The creamer does not show up in the U.S GLASS co. [conglomerate] catalog c.1891, to which Bryce Bros. join at its inception as factory B in 1891.
For all things about American pressed glass, always stop by the the Early American Pressed Glass Societys website https:www.eapgs. The creamer more of a novelty I think.

cagney: more better.


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