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Val St Lambert and Herbatte and Namur and Jambes - info 1883 visit to factory


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Page 6444
Scientific American Supplement 404

A visit to the factory detailing amount of turnover and staff etc.

Finished goods sent out each year exceeds 9,000,000 kilograms and 3000 hands are employed, 1800 of whom are at Val St Lambert, many of whom have been there for 50 years.

Men, women and children work 11 hours a day all the way through the week and some even longer.

In 1860 the turnover was 60,000 and in 1890 the turnover was 200,000.

This article is also interesting. I suppose they are best known today for their high quality cut crystal but earlier they were producing huge amounts of diverse items. They also farmed out a lot of production to various factories and I would guess the quality/quality control wasn't always the best.


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