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Unidentified glass Snail


 :o Help Please ! Does anybody recognise this glass snail ?
It measures approx 7.2 cm tall, 6.5 cm long and 4,6 cm wide.
It has been smooth polished except for the base which carries a pontil mark and is rough finished.
The interior contains manufacturing frit and small bubbles which suggest it has been
hand blown. A definate folding tool mark is apparent on the face.
My initial thoughs are that it may possibly be an apprentice piece or an end-of-day whimsey
from 'dump' glass.
Any possible thoughts or comments will be most appreciated !

He's not blown because he's solid. I suspect he's a bread and butter piece from a small studio. Not apprentice or end of day (which is an internet myth)

Many thanks for your response Christine - much appreciated. Yes, I missed the 'solid - not blown' bit.
Still no further in with the ident but will keep searching !

 Alum Bay glass possibly, this one on Ebay


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