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Czech Green Blue? Need Help ID

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Andrew Andersen:
I have a small piece I believe is Czech.  Can you help ID and do you know a glass maker?
Many thanks,

Specs: 3.5" width x 3.25" height  weight 1 lb
Smooth Clear Polished base

Andrew Andersen:
My apologies- maybe I posted this in the wrong place? 

I wanted to add that the color and clarity are amazing.  Also it glows green under a black light. 

Andrew Andersen:
Also I wanted to add that it looks similar to Skrdlovice pieces by Jan Beranek I have seen online- but that is as far as I got in my attempt.
- A

Andrew Andersen:
I am going down the rabbit hole ... I see an Emanuel Beranek piece No 5659 , c. 1956, online - which is 100mm high (approximately 3.9" high) in a light pink...

flying free:
It's a gorgeous design and colourway and your photographs are superb.
I've had a quick look through the resources I can think of and couldn't see anything similar. I'll have some more time at the weekend and will post if I spot anything.
Hopefully someone else might have a correct id more quickly for you.



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