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Amethyst glass vase with applied roundels - ID = Tiroler Glashütte


ian the sculptor:
I'm hoping someone can help identify the maker of this vase. The only glass I can find with this type of applied roundels was made by Whitefriars (Baxter and Hogan) see Jackson p. 125 pl 114, and p.134 pl.141.
The vase has some age, the wear on base is authentic. Nice polished pontil. Indents in foot.   


Tiroler Glashütte, some more here:,66588.0.html


ian the sculptor:
Brilliant. Thank you John.  It was obviously not Whitefriars (wrong colour to start with) but my searches drew a blank. I thought someone might know. WOLFGANG VON WERSIN is not a name I was familiar with at all, but a quick google shows he did some interesting glass.
Thanks again,

Had a couple more pass through my hands in recent times, I like them, simple but appealing design. I get the impression they are found in two sizes, either around 14cm or slightly larger at 16cm. The yellow variation flying free found is lovely.


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