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Customised Perthshire oddity/curiousity?

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Dear all,
I stumbled across this curiosity at a bric & brac shop the other day.  Being a Perthshire fan,  I recognised the canes.  However,  if Iím not mistaken this is a customised weight which has been converted I think to a candleholder/ornament.  Correct me if Iím wrong but I think this started life as a pp52 Inkwell and maybe due to damage,  itís had its neck and top sawn off and then smoothed over and made into a candleholder ornament.  Whatís interesting is that it has Xmas canes,  you can see Santa,  Xmas tree, a sleigh and an odd looking face which I think is a snowman,  as it works well as a Xmas ornament!

Iíve never seen anything like it,  but cannot find it online anywhere which is why I think itís been modified at some stage.  Would you all agree?

Unfortunately I canít seem to upload any more picsÖ due to the size restriction.  I thought you could post more per post?

This one worksÖ

Last pics (I figured the issue)

Looks like a Perthshire "Marble" - which (despite the name) has a flattened base. See page 155 of the "Complete Guide ..."


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