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Thomas Webb, Webb Corbett and Stuart pieces - the clearout goes on


Some more bits from the remaining crystal collection - again, make an offer, due to lack of space it has all got to go . A friend's ebaying these for me, so if you message him allow a bit of time for him to ask me as my email is still broken.

6 Thomas Webb London Clear Tumblers

6 Thomas Webb London Clear Liquer Glasses

Thomas Webb London Clear Claret glass

Webb Corbett Small Bud Vase

Webb Corbett Candle Holder (Yes the ebay title is wrong, I'll ask him to fix it)

Webb Corbett Jar (boxed)

I also have another Webb Corbett small vase, 10 Thomas Webb Normandy wine glasses in excellent condition, and a decanter with sediment marks in the base (good for display, not use) to add which should go up this weekend.

Stuart Crystal

Large Vase

2 Whisky Tumblers

Small bowl, Cascade cut


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