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Meri Lasi Finnish Glass (Muurla Lasi)

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I've been looking for info on Meri Lasi glass but can't find anything online in English apart from references to long-gone eBay auction items. Can anyone tell me about this firm please? Are they still in existence or have they closed? If closed, when were they in business?  I've just bought a Meri Lasi item (in a box with its original label) because I like the design, but cannot find any mentions of it anywhere.  :?

Any info would be most welcome, thanks all!

::)   Started 1982 in Helsinki, making cast and centrifugal glass, chief designer Paavo Mäkelä since 1982, should still be around according to recent information... ::)

Thank you for the info Ivo, much appreciated. I wonder why there's so little about them if they're still active?

The piece I bought is called Tulivuori (volcano), and the box says hand-made Finnish glass, design Pertti Kallioinen. I'm thinking that this is the person who designed the pieces, yes? I couldn't find anything in English about him either.

I've no idea when this design was made - does anyone recognise the pattern name please?

I think I know the piece - it takes a aluminium capsuled votive in the top of a volcano-shaped bloc of crystal, right? That is 1 magnificent piece of design - especially coming from a country with no volcanoes at all, neither active nor dormant.....

Ivo, it has seven recesses that take tealights, all at slightly different levels, the effect when lit is beautiful. It's not a solid block of crystal though, it's like a plate that's been formed into the volcano shape.


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