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Gianni Toso Murano Glass - Facinating Online Gallery


Literally hundreds of amazing examples of the works of Gianni Toso, one of the most talented Murano Glass artists, can be seen his new online gallery.

The site is located at
Some of the more interesting works are the chess sets and intricate city and synagogue scenes done in glass. Not to be missed is the chess players piece, with Catholics vs. Chassidic Jews.

Gianni Toso's artistry spans many forms, from blown glass to detailed lampworking.

There is also an informative page about the artist, which notes, in part, that "Toso is widely recognized as one of the world's finest glass blowers. He has created works that are displayed in galleries and private collections in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Israel, and Japan, and he has guest-lectured in art schools and galleries throughout the world. He is known as an innovator in lampworking."

No sales are handled through this site, as works by Gianni Toso are handled exclusively through galleries.

Fantastic work!  I love the dancing in the streets and the shul scenes!    :D  What lampwork!   :shock:

I bought one of the little rabbi figures when we were in Murano a few years ago.  Wish we could have afforded a whole simcha!   :wink:

I met him in New York in 1987 or 1988. He is quite a character! This combination of skills is very rare.There are very few artists whose skills span hot glass (furnace work) and lampwork.

Cathy B:
The chess set is extraordinary! Thanks for posting the site!


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