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Glass plate with foil back


Tony H:
I have glass plate 10" in diameter, on the back of it worked into the design is what looks like foil ( sliver paper, chocolate wrapper ) it looks to have been exposed to sunlight for many years as the colour on the flower/star pattern is faded.

Can anyone ID this plate, and is this original or has someone done it at a later date, the back of the plate is silver

Link to photo

Many thanks for any help.
Tony H.

The type of glass is called GOOFUS;  try
for further reference and links.

Tony H:
Hi Ivo
Thank you for your in put, this is not the same as Goofus glass, I have two large bowls, which as you say is cold painted, and from USA, this is  like sliver foil, I have two plates decorated in the same way, one of them is for Queen Victoria's 1887 Jubilee, which I am sure is English.

I will try and take some more photos to show the decoration in more detail.

Tony H.

I recall my mother having a picture created using the same, or a similar technique, when I was a child. It used to fascinate me as it did look like sweet wrappers as you say Tony. I never knew how it was done or by whom though, and I've never seen one again, nor do I know where she acquired it. Not much help to you I know, except to confirm that your piece isn't the only glass with this technique!  :lol:  The picture has long since gone so I can't tell you anything more about it sadly.

I have two Indian vases with what appears to be a fine layer of metal on them. One is silver, the other is blue. The layer of metallic blue has peeled off in parts and is very fine indeed.....just like a sweet wrapper!

I thought these might be a later (more recent version of) mercury glass or silvered glass - but I know nothing / nada / zero / zilch about it, so you can now all go ahead and put me right  :roll:



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