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Help with a glass maker's mark please? ID = Leerdam, Copier



I have a mark that I do not recognize for it's maker, as well as the correct way I should be seeing it. Any help would be appreciated.

On the bottom.

and this way in case I'm supposed to see the mark by looking down into the item.

Thank you. --- Mike

Hi Mike,

Oooh one I know.  :D

A Dutch one. Copier Leerdam  :lol:

Correct mark is a mirrored one of No.1

Thank you Deltab!!!

Wow! that was so quick lol!

I had just edited my post because I thought there were 4 other ways to look at the mark. Thank you again, very much. --- Mike

You are very welcome Mike.  :D

No. 8 is correct.  :D


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