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GLASS MARKS & LABELS websites - Updated 6 Jan 2009


Following sites show lists of glass marks and labels etc., covering Australia, France, UK, US and some other Europe.  If you know of others covering other countries including modern and Glass Artist signatures and labels please post link in the Glass forum:

One special link To a list of links on fakes

Carolus book on glass trademarks. 11,000+ marks and labels from 1600-1945 Europe and North America. This is a Glass Museum link to Amazon, if you buy from this link it supports this site: BOOK LINK

British post war Angela's article

General Global By our Anne

Glass labels and signatures by country of origin On our GlassGallery

Murano glass labels and signatures On our GlassGallery

Known fake signatures On our GlassGallery

Good range Great Glass website

Good range Heartland Discoveries

Mostly US Heathers Antiques

Mostly US Bottles marks and glass labels Many colour pics

Bottle marks International My Insulators site

Bottle marks US International link

Bottles - mostly Australia Aussie Digger site

Leerdam, Dutch Ivo's site

Bud vases labels - International Bud vase labels

US cut glass American Cut Glass Assoc

Swedish Glass (& pottery) Designer codes etc

Italy, Sweden FinlandUschi and Rainer Losch site also see their Techniques page

Italy, Some common glass terms explained. Glossary

Murano labels thread IN MURANO FORUM

Murano Glass Label Library Murano Glass Label Library <~~ NEW!

Victorian Lozenge mark 1st Glass

Carnival glass. mostly US Woodlands site

Fenton labels Fenton and handler marks Fenton

UK -

UK - Thomas Webb 1906-80

UK - Moncrieff, Monart, Paul Ysart, Vasart, Strathearn, Pirelli

Lalique -

Loetz -

Not labels but useful link to Museum of London's glass archive:

Art Glass signatures -


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