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Wirth's of Dolhain in Belgium - any info?

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It looks like the book was written in French so might not have had much of an impact in the UK. I'm struggling to find many references to it on Google, so I'm not actually sure that it had much impact anywhere!

Still, it's useful to confirm that Wirths was only a decorator rather than a glass producer.

I bought this little hand-painted vase for the museum since it features Ryde Esplanade, Isle of Wight. I note Ivo's previous message about dating these Wirths pieces, but our vase has nothing on the base. Does that mean it is earlier or later than 1922? The image depicts a horse and carriage, a gas(?) lamp, and a man with a bowler hat and walking stick. That might indicate pre-World War I rather than later.

Just for the record, the vase measures 7.6 cm high x 8.9 cm maximum diameter and is signed M. Wirth 4. Do we know what the number stands for?


Just to add to my post. Here is a postcard dated 1913 of Ryde Esplanade:

You will see that the band stand and lamp are there. Judging by the perspective, the image on the vase seems to have been taken from the hotel opposite, on the far right, from an upper floor. There are plenty of horses and carts. But in a later image, dated 1923, there are only motor vehicles.


There is a nice book about Pierre Jost and his work for Wirths, including photos of pieces as described. It's in French and by L & E Bragard. (and available online...only via my website!

Sorry mods, but the book is not available from anywhere else online, so I can't offer any alternative link ;-)!

miss daisy:

is it still possible to obtain this book? My school days french might just about be up to a rough translation. I have inherited a large collection of Wirths glass and would love to know more about it.  thanks


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