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Does anyone recognise the signature? = Strömbergshyttan

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Hi all!

I've come across a geode like dish, which I'm pretty sure is by Flygsfors, but I can't quite make out the signature.  It ends with the number 32, so made in 1932?  As I understand it this is too early for Paul Kedelv, and I haven't a clue on other designers there!

I hope somebody recognises it:

Let me know if more pics are needed.

Wayne, this is probably an abortive attempt, but does that say Strombergshyttan...... if not, this looks Finnish.... Nuutajaarvi Njotso, perhaps????

Hi Marcus, thanks for your reply.  It doesn't look like any of those you mention I'm afraid.  The last half of the signature looks like it could be "flygsfors et 32", and also the first letter looks like a "P" then a space followed by a lot of squiggles!!  Maybe "P Keinl...something"?  It's definately not Paul Kedelv though.

I'm quite suprised at the "32" if it means 1932, it definately looks more 1960's to me, but I'm no expert on scandinavian glass.

Tmaritta is the acknowledged wizard on these things.......

Thanks Marcus, but I am afraid I don't know Swedish glass that well at all.  I think a better picture of the signature might help.

By the way, I found a book about Swedish glass factories (production catalogues 1915-1960) on the web.  The price is a bit steep, $185, but seems to be a pretty comprehensive reference book with 20,000 pieces of glass.  Text is in English, German and Swedish.  Here is the link if anybody is interested:


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