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While shopping in my local branch of John Lewis yesterday I saw some fantastic pieces of glass!  On investigation I found they all had a label saying 'LSA'.  Also, some were identified as 'Made in Poland'.  

The quality varied, some being fairly ordinary, albeit very well made, while some items were really beautiful, the design and craftsmanship being absolutely stunning   :shock:

So I came home and Googled LSA, only to find they are an 'umbrella' organisation, who subcontract the glass factories in Poland!  

So my question is this ... How do I find out who made what?  None of the glass is signed or identified in any way other than the LSA label.  

Anyone know anything about this?

(BTW, I didn't buy anything yet, but fully intend to go back and shop, shop, shop!   :D   )


Yay!   :D

I Googled again and, via the Polish Chamber of Commerce, answered my own question!   :lol:

Go and look up Adam Jablonski.  

I have just dribbled all over my keyboard!   :shock:

Hi Leni
I became aware of LSA only fairly recently.
I knew that Poland made some nice glassware ( we are talking useable glass here aren't we ?) as I had come across their website while looking for something else.
Later at a function at the Tate Modern eating designer chips from a very stylish tazza style bowl, I suddenly stopped and stared hard at it..... and thought ...that's Polish.... after the event I lingered and when few people were left I raised it and sure enough a label LSA.

Later again, clearing out a kitchen cupboard I thought - I don't need all these small bowls ....I started to sort them. One caught my attention ....very nicely made and finished ...and again found the label LSA. It compared very well with a Dartington bowl of similar size - if not more stylish ! and head and shoulders above others quality wise.

Perhaps they are a remnant of the old communist system whereby many factories were amalgamated into larger organisations. Perhaps subsequent privatization sold off the individual factories and left the parent as a central selling organization ? Just guesses.
I'm surprised that their quality varies so much.

Leni, so you discovered Jablonski Here is one of my favorite pcs. Please enjoy. Terry in Iowa

Hello Leni and Peter,
I've been looking at LSA too, but in the context of trying to find out about some glasses and a decanter I'd bought with Krosno labels on them. (beautiful heavy stuff I found in a couple of charity shops). In lesley Jackson's 20th Century Glass, p.11, it says:-
"LSA, which stands for Lubkowski Saunders and Associates, was established in Britain in 1973 by Janusz Lubkowski and Tony Saunders to import giftware from Poland. Since the mid-eighties it has specialised in glass, numbering Habitat, Selfridges and John Lewis among its chief costomers. The aim of the company has been to produce attractive modern domestic glassware at an affordable price. Early products included simple water sets designed and made at the Krosno  factory in Poland. Today, however, all the glass sold under the LSA name is designed by the company's own in-house team, and it now uses several Polish glassworks to manufacture its designs."  :D , Sue.


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Terry this is beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us. :)


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