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Can anyone ID this Val St. Lambert Green to clear vase?


I am trying to find the pattern and the date of production for this Val St. Lambert vase.  It is 10 1/2" tall and signed Val St. lambert on the bottom.
Any ideas?
Thanks, bryan

If you don't get a quick reply, another shot with a roll of white paper inside will show the cutting pattern more clearly.

Hi Bryan,
a little info, i have a nice VSL vase, signed, I was told by Mark West,website,
that pre 1950s the glass was not signed, but had a foil label, or marked with a circular acid stamp.
Have a look at the above website, Mark has a lot of nice VSL stuff, i believe he bought the
contents of the VSL factory museum.
I was quite excited because i found an almost identical one like mine on the Mallets antiques
website for $12,000, i thought a good buy for £20, but they are about the most expensive
poshest antiques shop in the world!
Mark still thinks i should still get a few hundred quid for mine, i may sell one day.
Your vase is nice, iwould think post 1950s, but not quite as spectacular as some of their stuff.
I will pop a piccie on of mine in a while.
Regards Andy

modifed to add piccie ov VSL vase.(Im quite proud of this one!!)
Im told mine is probably a Charles Graffart design. I hope this is useful, apologies for showing off
my own piece!

When I was at Mallets VSL exhibition, John Smith told me he had done that particular deal for Mallet's. How many people would it really take to have bought such a museum?

i bet that was some exhibition!, i was sent this interesting article from the Times online
from Nov 2005,re Mark West, just found it buried in my favourites. Must have cost him a
few quid!,,20429-1884203,00.html

Cheers Andy

ps i had a look at Mark Wests site tonight and saw a piece of VSL, clear glass on a square
black base, i sold one on ebay a few years ago, guessed it was 30s but had no idea of maker,
got about £30, and now i see its a VSL by Joseph Simon 500-1000. such is life!


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