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Large candlewick footed bowl and similar light shade - ID = Masserini, Italy

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Anne E.B.:
Two new acquisitions.  The first, a large footed bowl has been driving me nuts.  I've seen it attributed to .....? but can't for the life of me remember who.  For some reason I'm thinking its Scandinavian.  Not too sure whether this can be described as candlewick or not, but for the want of a better description....

The second is a light shade which reminds me of the footed bowl.  It has a similar textured surface - and 'balls'.  I don't suppose there is any link other than it being a popular style at one time - but you never know :)

TIA for your help ;D


I have two pieces in what appears to be the same pattern as t'other Anne's footed dish: a covered pot and a footed sundae. Both are marked on the base - moulded into the glass - ITALY and a number (sundae = ITALY 13, lidded pot = ITALY 97).

I bought the pot first and couldn't find any marks on it at all, then found the sundae which is clearly marked, and have just tonight after taking quick pics of them for you to see found the mark on the lidded pot! Because it blends into the textured glass it's not easy to see and I only spotted it as I held it up in front of the light from the PC monitor.  ::)

Anyhow, pics are here for you to compare:

Sundae dish & closeups

Lidded pot & closeups

Anne E.B.:
Thanks for your comments and help everyone :)  Much appreciated.

A bit of a turn up for the books Anne - Italian - would never have guessed :o

It is identical to the lidded bowl that you have.  I've had a good look to see if there is a mark, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!  There might be one lurking somewhere, but I can't spot it.    I think it's got some age - at a guess c.50s give or take...

Hi Anne, I had a heck of a job seeing the mark on this bowl!  If you look at yours, in the centre of the base there's a clear circle - hold the piece up to the light and peer closely at that circle as I bet that's where the mark will be if at all. (It's where mine is.) If you just look at it normally you can't see it, but held up against a light and it shows up. I've had my bowl for months and have only just found the mark despite checking several times!  ::)

Pretty sure these are Fidenza, I remember having seen the matching stick vase thus marked. And Fidenza are not Videnza - I think they may be one of the Bormioli plants, but the whole thing is a bit embrouillé (which is a chique word for foggy)


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