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This link, throws up a page showing 13 Scandinavian glass-works. Click on glassworks, (lefthand menu) takes you to an intro page and if you click homepage under the intro, to the web-site of the glass makers.
Might be of interest to someone, not sure why it was thrown up by a search for Lynch press and blow technology :?:

Thanks for that link.  I've requested some brochures - can you imagine having a guided tour of all those glassworks??  Heaven!

My only problem is a slightly less than enthusiastic husband, if he comes to those glassworks with me, I'll have to go to umpteen proggy rock music shops with HIM!

Oh..he just saw me typing this and says he doesn't mind going to Sweden!!  Yippeee!    :D
Max xx

Bill G:
During the summer, there are music festivals everywhere
in Sweden including the Kingdom of Crystal .
Everything from hard rock to country and western.
We in Västervik have our festival in July,
If you need more information on the current operating
glass works, please e-mail me.


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