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Dutch Jelly Moulds (Puddingvormen)


Dear GMBers.

I've been working on my collection of Dutch pudding forms (Jelly Moulds) and glass kitchenalia and thanks to the help of several GMBers the new pages are now ready.
If anyone can offer corrections or improvements etc. I'd be very grateful for your contributions.

Hopefully the published information will lead to a final confirmation and revision of the data, thereby correcting some errors in 'Geperst Glas Uit Leerdam' by Thimo te Duits

It took me a while to work out that the Leerdam duck pudding mould wasn't coloured glass internally.  I was thinking how fabulous it was, when I eventually realised there was probably a coloured pudding inside which was causing the effect.   :P

I've never seen the duck mould before, very unusual, thanks for showing it Jay.  :)

We discovered it's by far the best way to show them, and of course it shows how your jelly will look.

When they are empty you just get complicated reflections everywhere!

We are still working on our pudding-making technique, though! ;-)


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