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Title: Vintage CULVER Barware
Post by: Kristine on November 05, 2005, 06:36:58 PM
I am so enamoured of that vintage retro barware by CULVER (Culver LTD?) and own a number of sets. I can find so little information about this company...and does anybody know of a any reference book which cites the various CULVER designs and manufacture dates - a collectors book of sorts. ...Also perhaps you can add any clues to my earlier topic "HELP with SC LINE MADE IN ITALY". Thanks to all!
Title: Vintage CULVER Barware
Post by: glasswizard on November 06, 2005, 09:26:02 AM
Hi Kristine, The only reference I can find to Culver Ltd. is in Pina's book "Designed and signed 50's 60's glass, ceramics and enamel wares. She shows one picture of a Roly Poly glass and I quote her caption. "Roly poly with version of Briard's forbidden fruit pattern in gold, signed Culver Ltd. Culver had been known for their more Traditional designs on glassware until they collaborated with Georges Briard to produce his gold screened patterns. They then went on to produce other contemporary designs with the Culver lable." end quote.  It is a start and I think you will find that you have selected an area that is just starting to become collectable so the information may be hard to come by, but thats what makes it fun. Happy hunting, Terry
Title: Vintage CULVER Barware
Post by: butchiedog on November 08, 2005, 03:13:30 AM
Hello Kristine,

I'm pretty sure that Culver Ltd didn't manufacture any glass themselves, but were only a decorating firm, who bought their blanks from a number of different glass companies, then decorated and sold them under their own name is all, which is likely why there is so little information to be found on them when looking for them as a glass company.

There were many decorating firms like this, Dorothy Thorpe is another name and I believe Georges Briard also used some other glass companies blanks, but did make all of the slumped glass items they decorated and sold.

Title: Re: Vintage CULVER Barware
Post by: chrisesing on July 24, 2010, 01:50:17 PM

I see your post is older. I also have two sets of Culver sets. One has round gold ovals and the other is called silver lattice work. I do know that there is one reference book and it can be ordered through the west virginia glass museum. I am not sure if you have it or not. I am surprised how large the sets get. My gold oval set has at least 15 different pieces as well as my silver one. This does not include things like cheese boards and the such which I have recently found.
Title: Re: Vintage CULVER Barware
Post by: Pandora on April 15, 2019, 06:34:49 PM
I got into collecting and appreciating vintage Culver glasses totally by accident (was reading about 60's bar carts), but while the Mad Men TV show was on the air. Not a huge fan of the show, but I sure appreciated the period costumes, furniture and glassware.

I ordered a few single pieces of Culver glasses from sites like Ebay and Etsy, and then suddenly I had 3 sets and a bunch of other barwar from the 60's and 70's. Culver glasses are one of a kind, and are very good quality glassware.

While 50's and 60's barware became popular all over again because of the Mad Men tv show, there is also a current, renewed interest in furniture from the same time period, so barware from that period is still popular here in the United States. Full sets of pristine Culver glassware are not cheap, so if you are interested in fleshing out your collection, be prepared to pay more then you might expect for an "American" brand.

Collecting Culver Glassware - I managed to unearth 1 self published book about Culver Glassware. I ordered it, and was quite happy with it. It is, however, by no means a "complete book". In fact, my favorite set, which I own all but one of,  is not listed.

Finally, I just learned real recently that the heir to the Culver family business died during the 9/11 attack. Very sad.

Culver Glassware: Collector's Manual (1st Edition)
By Jeff Murrell

About Culver - From The Current Glassmakers....Moderne Glass Company, Inc

Current Site - Not the same glass of yesteryear...

2013 Blog Post About Culver

Some good places to acquire Culver Glassware
 - Etsy, search term: Culver or Culver Glassware
 - Ebay, search term: Culver or Culver Glassware
 - Chairish, search term: Culver or Culver Glassware

Thrift Stores: Like other "embossed" glassware, this glassware is delicate. Dishwashing is a huge no-no. I've yet to see a decent vintage Culver glass at a thrift shop. I have seen them in antique stores, but full sets are pricey. ($200+)
There are also plenty of small mom and pop shops all over the United States who know a good vintage Culver set when they see it, and they often have small retail sites. Google searches should include the pattern name, if you know it. 

There is no one single definitive source about Culver Glassware, but a little time on Google can unearth much more then is included in this post.

Attached is a sample image from my  collection, that in a nutshell shows what Culver Glassware is famous for: Over the top, glinty, glitsy gold. They used 22k gold a lot, and it shows.

Manufacturer: Culver
Pattern: Coranet
Year: 1960's