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Title: Harbridge crystal glasses for sale
Post by: on June 09, 2016, 05:52:33 PM
Hi, I'm from Uruguay and i have some of this glasses and i would like to sell it...but i don't know how much does it costs...? sorry if my english is not to native language is spanish...thank you.
Title: Re: HELP
Post by: Ivo on June 09, 2016, 06:30:51 PM
Hola German y bienvenido en el glass message board.
primeramente no discutamos valores aqui porque son muy subjectivos y pueden cambiar de dia al dia y de lugar en lugar. Tu precio se hace valable quando el objecto es vendido - sin garantizar que el mismo precio se puede realizar al dia siguiente.

Pues, se trata de copas a whisky de bien calidad. Un par es mas cara que un sencilla. 
Title: Re: HELP
Post by: chopin-liszt on June 09, 2016, 06:31:20 PM
Hello and welcome.  :)
I am afraid I only speak english, I'm not as good at languages as you are.

I am going to ask a moderator to move your post to the correct forum, "the marketplace", but do not worry about this, you're new here.   :)

We do not normally discuss values, we like to talk about glass and identifying it here.

However, you have some glasses by a good company whose work is hard to find, Harbridge. I think somebody here might be interested in buying them from you.
But you will have to wait and see if somebody contacts you and arrange a sale privately.

Title: Re: Harbridge crystal glasses for sale
Post by: Paul S. on June 10, 2016, 08:59:46 AM
yes, wish I was a cunning linguist like Ivo.

Harbridge Crystal Co., Ltd.  -  the following may be of interest or help regarding this post, and is taken from Nigel Benson's text and abbreviated somewhat in the interests of saving space   ......

Short-lived firm from 1924 - 1966, with break for WWII reducing their production time even further.             Made glass blanks for others initially, but their production ceased in 1955 (leasing space to Webb & Corbett's) subsequently concentrating on decorating work.       Two years later W.& C. absorbed them.            In common with other smaller Stourbridge manufacturers, little is known of their output, which overshadowed by larger major glass companies.            Did make much traditional material, also some contemporary and stylish designs equal to some of the better known companies of the period.     

Acid backstamp should read     HARBRIDGE

with acknowledgment, thanks and all credit due to Nigel Benson for this information. :)