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Glass Paperweights / Re: Customised Perthshire oddity/curiousity?
« Last post by Glassheart on Today at 04:30:19 PM »
Thanks.  Very interesting observations.  I attach some pics of a Perthshire inkwell I found online.  It had very similar canes and the rounded bottom is very similar in size to mine.  I was looking at the neck and guesstimating where the neck would end and the modification made.  It kind of aligns in terms of proportions which is why I thought originally it was custom made.  Also being there is nothing like a Perthshire candle holder or / Vase / toothpick holder  (until I am proved otherwise)is why I think it is a one off maybe custom piece.
Glass / Re: Ruby Glass Vase
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 04:03:39 PM »
When I was digging around looking at AH bottoms I did find some with a kind of => sort of mark impressed into the bottom. I don't know if it was a mark inside the mould itself or if somebody came along and quickly pressed a tool to it when it was taken from the mould for the further working.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Customised Perthshire oddity/curiousity?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 03:59:15 PM »
Being hollow, it was obviously blown like this. I'd suspect something experimental that was of good enough quality to put the label on and put out for sale.
But the flat rim with no decor suggests it might have had something added on top - hence my mention of cigarette lighters.
Maybe a toothpick holder?
As you may well know, Caithness sells clearly marked seconds.

It can't be a modified or altered bottle because there is no clear casing over the canes. That would be pretty much impossible to remove nicely.
Glass / Re: Ruby Glass Vase
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Today at 09:00:34 AM »
It's manually blow moulded, not pressed. I don't think I've seen an impressed mark on something manually blow moulded: there is quite a bit of working after the initial blow
thank you
Glass Paperweights / Re: Caithness pyramid
« Last post by ahremck on Yesterday at 11:20:21 PM »
Why have you not provided a photo of your weight?  Against a plain white background - printer paper is good.

If you are having trouble fitting it within the 125Kb limit I simply use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.   Do a duplicate of your photo and work with the duplicate photo - that way if you bludner you can start again by making a second copy.   Within "Edit Pictures" you will find "Resize".  I now use "Percentage of original width x height".  Now comes a loop.

Choose a percentage say 80
Click OK
Ctrl S (Save)
Cursor on new photo - shows the new size.
Repeat until the size is just below 125Kb.

You can now post your photo safely.

British & Irish Glass / Webb Corbett bowl for show.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 10:48:28 PM »
8 inches tall, quite heavy and marked to the base, 1930s. There is a smaller version in 20th Century British Glass, page 134. Very pleased with this find  :)
Hi, I'm sorry I can't help with your vase however I'm going to ask a moderator if they have time to move this to the main glass section as it has no identification as yet so the country of origin is not determined :)
  A couple of examples of very French Sandwich glass in the 'oval" hobnail pattern.
The puff box matches almost perfectly the the sugar no 43  illustrated in m's first link of pressglas-korrespondenz provided earlier in this thread. The difference according to Barlow/Kaisers sandwich guide is that the American version has a rough pontil mark inside the lid under the stem and the French version does not. They also say the French version is lighter in weight. The blue under plate in the link has 16 points and the French illustrated in pressglas-korrespondenz 14 points.

Nice to see both vases together to compare Wingedsphinx - thank you for posting. Mulling it over.  There were two pieces in Pressglas Korrespondenz, one here (seite 7 here) which showed a Saint-Louis vase with a pointed knop body,
and the other a link I provided on a previous post in this thread which showed a yellow perfume bottle with a wavy rim.
Of course neither of those characteristics are determinative on their own.  However, perhaps it shows Saint-Louis produced molds with those characteristics?

The other thing I found interesting relating to the post I've quoted here, is that I have two mid 19th (?) sugar boxes/melon boxes which I think are Bohemian.  They are exceptionally well made and neither has a pontil mark or a rough pontil mark on the inside of the lid where the stalk of the melon is applied to the lid.  Inside the lid is just a smooth slight dent at the point the stalk is applied.
Just like buses, guess what I found at a fair at the weekend.
Left is the new sawtooth version ( possibly Boston Sandwich) along with the previous discussed French ( Baccarat or St Louis) one on right. They both have a hole big enough for a pencil to fit in from the top part down into the Knop. The foot on the right hand side is flat while the left hand one sit on a rim with a raised foot. R/h one also seems a little thinner glass and I think a bit more refined than the left one. I was very surprised to find it. Regards Mike
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