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Title: TECHIE TIPS: Notifications - not receiving notices of replies?
Post by: Anne on July 30, 2009, 03:50:09 PM
If you are not getting notice of replies to your posts and have asked for them, it's because in your Profile you don't have it set to tell you of replies. That is the master setting for you and without it being on ticking to be told when you do a post won't work. 

To change the setting, go to the Profile link in the top menu, look down the left to Modify Profile, and in that section you'll see Notifications and Email. Click that to open the settings screen... choose what settings you want from the drop down list and then hit the Save Settings button and your notifications should work for you.

Please note also, if you use an auto-responder for your email for times when you are away, you need to exclude the board's sending address from the auto-responder otherwise the admin address is deluged with auto-responses, and nothing will have your address unsubbed from topic notifications faster than drowning us in unwanted emails! These just add to our already heavy workload as well as being unnecessary. Your consideration for this point would be appreciated.