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Title: Castilian Poland
Post by: Ohio on April 10, 2014, 09:18:44 PM
This is probably a bit useless & silly, however in the past two years I have seen two of these (one amber, one green, same metal & cutting) sell at shows here in the U.S. & at decently high prices around $900 USD. DW & I were in an upscale large shop (about 125 dealers) today & I saw one sitting on a table near a showcase where two dealers were restocking. It carried a price of $950 & the description was very close to what I had seen at shows "Victorian Era Bohemian Art Glass Urn". It measured approc 10" diameter & 10" height, metal dragonfly handles on each side (great patina), glass heavy estimate 1/8" thick, deep cutting (well executed) in a floral pattern almost carved in the glass. Now this really looked like an accurate description, I mean this looks legit aged & quality is superb. DW took a couple of sneak cell photos (sorry about the quality, but thats the best she got under the circumstances) as they don't allow pics to be taken here. One gentleman picked it up to put it in the showcase & as he did the other gentleman said "wait a minute" & took something small off the side & tossed it on the floor. They locked the case & left so about a minute later I ventured back over, bent down & picked up a small crumpled up round cream & gold label with a red shield that said "Castilian, Poland". The piece is brand new...looks absolutely legit in age, great quality, but brand spanking new. Just in case anyone runs across one...might want to rethink their decision.
Title: Re: Castilian Poland
Post by: Wuff on April 10, 2014, 09:50:49 PM
For comparison (

Castilian Imports featuring the Accessories Collection includes an grande selection of beautiful boxes, trays, vases, candleholders and decorative objects. Castilianís eclectic designs are inspired by everything from traditional Chinese themes to more contemporary influences. Every Castilian piece is hand painted and hand carved in the finest tradition of Old World craftsmanship. Made from the highest quality crystal, glass, porcelain, wood, brass, and silver, this exquisite collection offers treasures that will complement any decor.
Title: Re: Castilian Poland
Post by: Bernard C on April 11, 2014, 12:55:54 AM
This is probably a bit useless & silly, ...

Not at all - in fact quite the opposite.   It is useful to be reminded that all that glisters is not gold*.

... and after that, I hope nobody calls me a gentleman.   We are running out of words!   British television equates dealer with con-man, and expert makes some laugh as an ex is a has been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure.

Bernard C.  8)

* William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (beaten into me at school).