Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria


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[1] Skrdlovice "Andromeda" bowl by Jan Beranek (for bOBA)

[2] Pressed glass vase with flower pattern ID Pavel Panek for Libochovice

[3] is it murano ? ID = MstiĊĦov (Czech)

[4] Petr Hora for Skrdlovice, ball shaped? ID = Petr Hora for Skrdlovice/Beranek

[5] Organic dark blue with purple ashtray ID = Stahlikova/Veliskova, Skrdlovice

[6] Beaked raspberry vase with bubbles -- Czech? ID = Jirina Zertova for Skrdlovice

[7] Mstisov "Pizzicato" vase by Hana Machovska

[8] I thought this was an Oldrich Lipsky vase... silly me.

[9] Pressed glass vase with an 'industrial' look... maker? ID = Brabec for Praha, Cz


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