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Another Mdina Signature Question

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I have just bought this lovely big Mdina Chalice vase which is dated 1975 and signed both Mdina and with an artist's signature.  In my innocence I had hoped that it might turn out to be Michael Harris', which I haven't seen before, but I know now that the date is too late for that (unless it's been added later....hope not). 
So my first question is: can anyone identify the signature? 
Secondly, I plan to sell it on Ebay and am wondering if knowing the artist's name would affect its value at all, given that it isn't Mr Harris?  Many thanks.

Hi, I have a piece of signed Michael Harris and the one thing that really stands out is how neat it is.  If you can imagine the name, in full, signed neatly and clearly in a perfect handwriting script then that's Michael Harris' signature - it's so clear it can be read easily and can't be mistaken for anything else.

I'm afraid I have no idea who might have signed your chalice however I can tell you it's a very lovely piece indeed - nice early colours and with that beautiful chunky knop around the stem - assuming it's in good condition it should sell very well.  A nice find.

Thanks for your kind words Pip, yes, it is a very nice piece and it is in good condition so I have I high hopes for it.  :) And it's good to know that no-one has been adding Michael Harris' signature to the piece after the event. Iain

Mark Hill says in his book re signatures "...from mid-1970s onwards...These are neither Michael's signature nor someone signing on his behalf, and are signatures of either Joseph Said or Eric Dobson, or other employees signing on their behalf." So I think the answer is someone Mdina  ;D

Martyn K:
For what it's worth my guess would be Eric Dobson, it looks like it could say that and the Joseph Said signatures I've seen look a bit like circular scribble with a tail (though they may have been done on his behalf by someone else).....just a guess.


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