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Can anyone recommend a good book(s) for identifying glass makers trade marks?

A really handy litle book is Glass Fact File a - z by Ivo Haanstra, published by Millers and only £7.99.  ISBN 1 - 8490099-429-0. I got mine direct from Millers distribution as I couldn't find it in my local shops  The book is packed with other associated information - a good buy!

The only book worth bothering with for glass trade marks is Hartmann, only covers 1600 to 1945, costs an arm and a leg, weighs in at over 3Kg. But it is probably 99.9% complete with over 11,000 marks. Text in German
ISBN 3-925369-37-6.

Ivo's book is not really covering trade marks but glass makers.

There is US one too, less comprehensive and with misattributions (authors names is Geffen something)

Frank said:
--- Quote ---Geffen something
--- End quote ---

It's: "Glass Signatures Trademarks and Trade Names from the seventeenth to the twentieth century" by Anne Geffken Pullen, 1986. ISBN 0-87069-462-6

Dat's the one Kevin. As it is known to mix-up IOW as Strathearn do not rely too much on the rest. It is cheaper though!

Of course you will need Ivo's book as a companion to Hartmann or on its own anyway :)


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