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Need Help with this lovely antique Paperweight

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it´s me again :D

I´ve bought a new Paperweight from an antique dealer here in Germany and don´t know wich maker did made it.
In all my books I´ve studied I did´nt find a Solution. I think it will be a early Bohemian piece (probably Josephinen Glassworks) but a friend of mine thinks it would be an early St.Louis Piece or a so called "early Clichy".

What is the Opinion of the experts here ?

Here are the pictures:

Thanks in Advance for your help and have a nice weekend  :D

Many greetings

P.S. Sorry for the poor photos, it was a rainy day, when I took them and I had no good light for better ones.

The Glass of the Paperweight is clear without any grey or yellow shadows in it.

The base has a  big basal rim and in the middle she is more then only concave, she´s  round like a ball you cut in the middle. Hope you know, what I mean :D

The Paperweight measures 6,5cm in dia. and it is 3,5cm high. The weight is 282gr. Probably that helps.


Nadine, this paperweight has been driving me mad!   :x  :?  :roll: But most enjoyably  :wink:

Initially I would have said it had a Clichy type profile, but not Clichy type colours! I was beginning to think it might indeed be more like St Louis colours, then you posted the details of the light affecting the glass colour, the size (quite a miniature) and the fact that the base is quite deeply concave and I wracked my brains again   :?  

I looked through all my books, too, and I think the only thing to do is wait for the experts to come along and see this thread!    :shock:

Personally, I would be inclined to say Bohemian, possibly Riesengebirge.  However, I am quite prepared to be 'shot down in flames' when Kevin comes along!  :lol:  :roll:

Anyway, it's a really super weight and I envy you!  :D


No, I just 'tweaked' your photos a little and now I'm back to thinking it's a Clichy  :shock:

HELP!   :roll:  :wink:


Hi Nadine

The photographs are fine from the viewpoint of the individual canes.
Having looked through various books I think you're quite correct becomes less clear rather than the expected clarification.
Looking at the profile it would, in the context of the French weights, steer more towards Baccarat than Clichy. The reference book I used shows Baccarat as having the sqattest profile of the the 3 main French makers of the period..... and the curve as it bends towards the base is more pronounced. They also seem to be the only ones I could find that produced canes of the variety iin photo 6 that are an orange star with a central blue star cane. The Clichy canes that I have access to appear more complex in their structure...although this may have changed when Baccarat we re-introduced in the 20th century....... I am comparing these considering that yours is a 19th C example......however the number of examples I can compare with is very limited and so far this is nothing more than a direction I have been led into and in iteslf inconclusive.
The few Bohemian ones I looked at didnt quite seem to match the cane strutures at all....just didn't feel right.
Someone should be along soon to give you a definitive attribution and blow my observations out of the water..... and then we''ll both know...and why.





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