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Studio art glass vase help with signature. ID = Barry Cullen studio glass

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Dave the Glass:
Nice piece of studio art glass. This heavy vase stands 7 inches tall & 6 in diameter, it is marked on the base No 232 1985 & a signature i can't work out, can you help me with the maker.

Barry Cullen

Dave the Glass:
Thanks for that just googled him & not a lot there. Have you any further info?

Fulham, 80's will try to remember more...

nigel benson:

Such little as I know is from meeting Barry at Covent Garden Market back in the late 70's where he occasionally used to sell pieces at the Saturday market.

The shape of the vase you have is typical of his work with opaque colouring to the rim and shoulder of the piece at that time. I bought a couple of drinking glasses from him as well as vases. The vases are far more competent than the glasses, which were heavy and far too think to drink from.  I remember discussing the problems of making stemware with him, which I seem to remember he found somewhat of a challenge. I also recall him being concerned at the difficulty in making a living at glass blowing. I'd say, some things just don't change do they?

Cheers, Nigel


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