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Art Deco Frosted Glass Dishes - French but Arrers or Auxers?

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A pair of frosted glass dishes from the 1930s

4.5" diam, 5" long with deco stepped handle, 1.25" high - frosted to outer only with normal interior - hand finished to a high degree with edges ground down at lip, yet nice crisp moulded flower and leaf decoration to underside - clear colour with 'MADE IN FRANCE' under handle

lesser French, maker but any clues to which one - I think they are sweet or Bon Bon dishes

They are still pretty dirty but there is no damage and  no scratching, thinking of listing them soon

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Jo in Australia:
Arrers I think. I'll double check against a signed piece I have later today.
Jo :D

That is excellent I googled and found a site with a piece exactly like my two pieces - Arrers 1930s

Any other feedback appreciated as mine is not signed 'Arrers Made in France' - just 'Made in France' is that normal and were Arrers a good company?, not my best subject French Deco

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Jo in Australia:
Don't know anything about Arrers. They seem to have had only a few designs, but well made and with nice opalescence. I have a larger bowl of the same/related pattern. I think it's hazelnuts but maybe someone with a more horticultural background would have more idea about that. Here's a photo of the signature on the back of mine:
Jo  :D

Thanks Jo

I can see the decoration on mine is exactly the same as yours, but mine has not got flattened flower heads enabling a mark like yours 'Arrers made in France' - my flower head feet (three of them) are to a point and the mark is just 'Made in France' under the handle - also mine a frosted but not opalescent

I think its the same company just a different style of marking item - the 'Made in France' type set on yours and mine is exactly the same


Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


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