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Red and clear glass textured vase - ID = Whitefriars 'finger vase' # 9279

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Hi....I couldn't resist this slim bark(ish) effect vase.

It does look a bit distorted in the is actually slightly wider at the bottom than at the top.  I was looking through books and the nearest I could find to it was a Baxter vase.  Would anyone have any idea as to its age at least please?  Thanks!

Mod: The image is gone, but you can see similar by searching on 'finger vase' at

Looks like a Baxter Whitefriars finger vase to me. Age between 1970 and 1980.

If it is Whitefriars, then the Ruby colour dates it to post-1974. It's hard to tell from the photograph, though.  :(

I'd agree that it looks like a WF finger vase. Post on for absolute confirmation if you don't trust me :). Ground rim is right for the finger vase, pattern # 9279.

Pinkspoons, do you mean that finger vases weren't made in ruby till '74? Ruby was listed in a 1949 catalogue: I've got quite a few ruby WF from the 40s/50s.


Oh, I didn't realise this design (#9729) came out before 1969, and it doesn't appear in ruby til '74... at least in the catalogues I have. (admittedly I don't have the 1949 one).


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