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Amythst glass vase or jug?

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Hi, I have joined today through a friends recommendation.

I have a vase that I would like to sell but have no idea of price, age, origin etc.

Im not even sure if its a vase. It has a handle and a spout you see. Although it is very tall (14") and slender.

It is purple in colour with a clear twisted base and handle which look to have been applied.

I will try to post a piccy but Im not much good at this sort of thing. Any advise gratefully recieced.

Mainly would like to know is it British, how old is it, what is it called and how much is it worth. Thankyou in advance.

Welcome to the board.

I would say made in mainland Italy, possibly Empoli, date 1970s onward, an ornamental jug and not worth much, sorry

Thankyou very much for the info. So it wouldnt have been used as a jug just for decoration? Should I list to sell as a jug even though it looks more like a vase? I paid £5 for it. What is it worth please?

forgot to say it does have a pontil mark. Not sure if thats important or not.

Hmm, found this which looks very much like it minus the stopper.

Described as Murano Cranberry Pitcher with twisted stem and handle.

What do you think please?

Mod: Picture removed for copyright reasons. Please post a link to the auction instead.


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