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A mixed bunch?

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#1 Another unidentified ashtray. Murano?

#2 A cased 6 sided textured red vase. I read somewhere that these are everywhere, or as Leni would say 'dime a dozen,' although I still cannot find out who the maker is, any ideas?

#3 These I have seen attributed to more than one maker, from Murano to Leerdam. Do any of you genius's know where they actually come from?

Each has a yellow/amberish, pink, blue and green raised banding.

I think 1 and 3 are Czech from Bohemia /Chrbska factory?
#2 my personal guess is Empoli, but I emphasise it is a guess.


I agree Czech for first item, is the base polished or matt?

Second item is often wrongly attributed to W/F or Davidsons, but there has as you mention been much discussion and 'STÖLZLE OBERGLAS AG & CO, Köflach, Austria' seems to be the suggested manufacturer for these vases. They come in square and multiple sided form.

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Last items interest me, I have been seeing them more often in retro glass dealers windows, I have seen smaller versions in a solid amber and green colour, the larger piece is more familiar to me with it's rainbow of applied colours, it is not sommerso, but a clever and interesting technique nevertheless. I think Czech yes as Ivo says - I would love to see a label as these are cropping up more often - I have seen a bowl version about 3" high with the same flanges.

Adam P

Hi Ivo and Adam P.
Thanks for the info.

The first one has a polished star shaped base.

The third (two), I have just seen a bowl with the identical colours along the sides. It is said to have been made by Bohemia Glassworks, however, there was also no label applied.

I did find this page with labels on for Czech glass products, it is probably already known, but last time I thought that, I was wrong :!:

With regard to vase #2. I was just reading through the post you gave me the link to Adam, thanks.
Glen said:
--- Quote ---The base is usually patterned and not ground.
--- End quote ---

Mine does not have a patterned base. It is not polished flat either, it has a thin outer rim and then is concave, no pattern.
Ivo said:
--- Quote ---the yellowish tinge of the glass.
--- End quote ---

The casing is crystal clear.
I will do some more 'surfing' this evening and see if I can find out more.

I was just searching for an ID for a vase Pip has in another thread and I have now managed to ID #3 in my list. Adam P was curious as to who made these as he had seen a few cropping up.

Well I have found an identical one: (The photos are clearer than mine, but the vase is identical)

It is signed 'Chalet Glass' so not Czec, but Canadian.


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