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Brockwitz and Stoelzle tea- and food-warmers

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last year you shared with us your beautiful DRGM teawarmer and as this item is really unforgettable, I did not forget my promise to show mine here (uploaded tonight) Brockwitz Brockwitz Stölzle Oberglas Stölzle Oberglas Stölzle Oberglas


Somebody else on GMB can contribute such useful tableware?  :)

Mine are much more recent and nowhere near as beautiful as yours and Glen's, Pamela.

Anne thank you - I remember you had shown them, but forgot the origin of yours, are they Scandinavia?

I leave it to Glen to issue the link to her site here, but you find the thread immediately searching 'DRGM' and 'Glen'


Pamela - those are fabulous!  I love them.

Anne - I like yours also.  They look like ice sculptures.

Now I want one  :cry:

Anne E.B.:
Pamela - your tea warmers are beautiful - so dainty.   Thank you for sharing :P  

This is my pot warmer, which the other Anne identified in another thread as a Bel Mondo pot warmer, made by Becker in Germany.  I thought at first it was some kind of strange sculpture.  Its a real heavyweight!  Its not a very good picture I'm afraid because of the ambient lighting :roll: .  I'll replace it with a better picture tomorrow.  Its actually clear flint and looks icy like Anne's pot warmers.
edited to include new picture

Anne E.B.


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