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Another cased piece - Coquille shaped.

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I found this just before the bottle in the other question. It is the same sort of shape as the Paul Kedelv Coquille dishes, but is not marked in any way. Sizes: 210 mm (side to side) x 195 mm ( curve to end) x 175 mm (high to top of curve).

Any ideas who may have made this one please?

Possibly Bayel, France

Bayel... thanks Ivo. That's another new name for me to explore! :)

I've been mooching around looking at Bayel on sale online and it all seems to be signed with an acid stamp, which gives me another question. Did they sign everything? As my piece isn't signed does that mean it definitely isn't Bayel or that it could be unsigned Bayel?

i think that if you search for Bayel you will only find stamped pieces because people do not recognise the unmarked ones.   :D  :D  :D


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