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An old friend came to visit today and brought me this Caithnness P/W which he said had been his late Aunts. It is acid etched to the base Caithness, Mooncrystal, Scotland.
Is Mooncrystal the name of this weight, if so any ideas on date, if not then could anyone ID it for me.

Oh dear this is becoming another collection.

Hi Paul,

Funnily enough, I have the chance to purchase a Mooncrystal paperweight too, so today I have been surfing to find out more.
From what I have found out so far, the Mooncrystal weights come in 5 colours, yours being pink and the one I would like is blue and they are unlimited.

This is the site where I found tons of Caithness items.
All in alphabetical order.

You will see the Mooncrystal weights there.

Thanks Della, I'm going to have to get into these a bit more, but it's just finding the time for everything.

Della that Caithness site's a bit on the dear side

Hi Ray,

Yes, I did notice the prices we very steep, but they do have some great pictures to use for reference. My most expensive Caithness weight, as yet, cost me E20. (I do only have 3 though)
I am following all the posts here and learning a lot. Just fascinating :!:


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