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Fantastic Modern American Glass Artist

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Hi Everyone,

I am always trawling through the web looking for new glass artists to buy from and found this site of work by David Patchen
His work literally blew me away.
Sadly, I am not able to afford any of his lovely pieces!
Hope you like them. (BTW I am not affiliated with him in any way - just liked his work)


Hi Barnaby,

Please take some time to read the Board Policy regarding use of copyrighted images:,24434.0.html

I have removed your copy of the image from your post.

flying free:
wow, just one piece would be fine  ;D some of them are gorgeous.

Yes the pieces are excellent. What talent he has. Anyone want to buy me a piece? ;)

Really incredible, I just love the exuberance of his work and other American glass artists. Very colorful and inspiring


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