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Just in case it is of any interest, I have written an article entitled "Strathearn's We Rarely See" illustrating 39 rare Strathearn paperweights which will be published in the PCA bulletin in May this year.
I was lucky enough to obtain one of the rarest Strathearn paperweights last year - a clear weight with white lettering STRATHEARN GLASS and I found this was made by Jack Allan soon after the factory opened.
Other weights illustrated in my article are a double overlay spoked weight, double overlay crown etc.

     what about a picture of your rare weight please

Thanks Gary - I am new to this game and not 100% sure how to get a picture on but I will give it a go and also see if I can include another of the weight I have of a flower form with Vasart canes in it. Keep your fingers ccrossed for me!

Thanks for the info - here is the picture

Here is the Strathearn with some Vasart canes

Hi Dave,
            i like the Strathearn Glass weight very nice and im sure a very rare weight to have, the other with the Vasart canes in it looks more like a starfish than a flower to me and very unusal( no i havent been drinking or smoking any illegal herbs) it just reminds me of something from the sea
                     Gary hicup :roll:


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