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Erik Hoglund lamp

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I was really pleased when i found this today but no-one else in my family appreciates it. Looks like it will be moving on soon.
I'm fairly certain the glass is by Hogland can anyone help with date or any more information. Has anyone seen similar lamps? It looks as if the pieces were made to go together. The brass part is marked E B (with M under & a torch in the middle)Made in Sweden.                                      

All help much appreciated.

Those photographs are downright pointless. Next time better take the item outside in daylight to shoot it.
On the subject of that lamp, however, yes a similar lamp was queried several months ago on the Swedish website Antikprat/glas/konstglas and the general conclusion was that yes indeed the lamp is by Höglund. Not quite sure when - I think it was from the seventies.

I saw a glass plaque with an identical little figure on it in a charity shop recently.  I considered buying it - it was only pennies - but couldn't think what it was for!  Thank you! Now I know  :shock:  :roll:   :lol:

Sorry to upset you with the quality of photos Ivo. It was the best light i could find last night. I hope these are better.
Thanks for the info, ive had a look at the website you mentioned. I cant find the thread about the lamp yet but ill look again.
 Thank you  David.

I love this lamp.  Erik Hoglund also designed chandelier style lights with this type of impressed glass designs hanging loose.  I wouldn't mind one of those!   :D  The same little stylised man also occurs in his paperweight/bowls in various colours.

Shame you don't have a pair of lamps though!   :wink:


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