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Green uranium glass trinket set with ridged ‘podium’-shaped pot lid finials

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Tray with 2 curved long sides and 2 straight short sides (with handles). Plain base.

Candlesticks with elongated hexagonal bases, and stems of hexagonal cross section.

Ringholder with base echoing shape of tray.

3 circular lidded pots (1 large & 2 small), the most distinctive feature being the flattened lid finials which have a stepped ‘podium’ top profile with the centre section vertically ribbed.

Separate lidded trinket pot in blue to show more detail.

ID’s, comments or suggestions, please?

(Permission to re-use the image of the green set on GMB granted by dancemissv, and the image of the blue blue lidded pot by jillmci).

Photos of a part set in pink, showing that the base of the tray is not, in fact plain, but gently 'quilted' diagonally on the underside.

Hi I'm having difficulty trying to find the maker of this set. It consists of 2 candlesticks with diamond shape bases & fluted column stems. The tray has a diagonal design with end holders similar to those made by Walther. Can anybody  recognise it?


Welcome to the GMB.

This trinket set pattern (in several colours) has been discussed on the GMB at,50039.msg282700.html#msg282700

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, a firm attribution is still awaited.


captaintee welcome to the board. I've merged your query into the earlier topic Fred referred to in his reply above to keep all the images and info about this design in one easy to find place. :)


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