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Shipping Help for Brockwitz cockatoo centerpiece and bowl

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I totally agree Nick.

I use Interparcel for the UK, Parcelsplease for Germany and Holland and transglobal for USA and Australia all being best for those countries.

If I had a choice of sending an item say to the value 200 and I had a choice of sending Royal mail insured signed for or by UPS courier I would more often than not send by UPS which to the USA is about 2-3 working days knowing I could pack better in slightly bigger box over 2kg and the cost would be very similar 30.00 , UPS being fully tracked all the way, while with the Royal Mail 5-10 days and sometimes up to 30 days.


John Smith:
Hi All... I would also agree with most points within this link, however unless you have had to raise issues with the two quoted sites that I mentioned, then perhaps you will not realise that they seem to be ABOVE any English laws... THEY ARE the law and it is THEY who treat both sellers & customers how they choose too. It is THEY who make the decisions in favour of either the seller OR the purchaser, should anything go wrong, and trust me, there is nothing that one can do about it... At last count, there were 35,000+ claims against both of these online facilities in England alone since AUGUST of last year. Not one has seen any amount of true Justice.  I have had the International Financial Ombudsman, on their backs for these past THREE YEARS and even they cannot get anywhere close to these people, for me or for the benefit of some of my customers.

Secondly, every single Post Office that I have ever asked will tell me that Glass cannot be insured. Not for love or for money. If It CAN, then I would greatly appreciate the full details please. I would like to add if I may, that ALL of my customers are from overseas. I thank you all in advance for any further information regarding the insurance of ANTIQUE GLASS during shipment by: Royal Mail and Parcel Force.

It is very true of course that you can insure your packages and also pay for this before mailing them, however should you ever have to make a claim for "damaged" glass (not "loss" during transit) it will be very unlikely indeed that you will receive any amount of compensation. Please tell me if I am wrong...  and the very first thing that the courier will ask for, for any damaged goods, glass or not,  is photographic proof as to how the package was wrapped, packed, sent & received.   

 Royal mail Special Delivery for UK delivery covers glass antique or otherwise up to 2500 , claims have been made and settled without problems .

cheers ,

John Smith:
Thank you Peter, I shall make further enquiries. I must add though, that I have just this moment returned from a Parcel Force depot to collect, and they told me that THEY do not insure glass, and as you know Royal Mail use Parcel Force for anything above 2k in weight. I really will look into this, very well indeed. Cheers, John.

 Quote  "Royal Mail use Parcel Force for anything above 2k in weight. "

 they may subcontract to parcel force for delivery but Royal Mail( purchased from the Post Office , not a Parcelforce office) special delivery can be up to 10 kilos and 2500 in value,only when using' International Signed For'  delivery from the post office are you restricted to 2 kilos in weight.

cheers ,


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