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Shipping Help for Brockwitz cockatoo centerpiece and bowl

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--- Quote from: mhgcgolfclub on January 09, 2013, 12:15:01 PM ---I use Interparcel for the UK, Parcelsplease for Germany and Holland and transglobal for USA and Australia all being best for those countries.
--- End quote ---

I had a look at Parcelsplease and Transglobal. Parcel2Go works out a little cheaper than Parcelsplease for Europe - at least on the few testers parcels I ran through their system. Transglobal was about 25% cheaper than Parcel2Go for big international shipments, but for some reason their insurance doesn't cover glass, pottery, antiques, art, etc... for loss. Which makes no sense to me.

John Smith:
Solar 1  ... SOME would say that Uranium green examples command the highest prices, but much also depends upon ones own individual likes. I personally for example prefer amber, but moods can change. The Brockwitz cockatoo, does appear to be a popular piece in any colour variety. There are many collectors of Brockwitz glass and also collectors who purchase any kind of Bird for example or all flower-frog types. This of course adds to the demand and so a bidding frenzy quickly ensues... 250 for a damaged piece, does seem pointless to me, but then again if it is desperately wanted by a collector, then they will be prepared to spend whatever they can afford. I sold a set in amber (Cockatoo & bowl) this time last year for 275. Privately. I do not sell on eBay. The bowl that you have is recognised as being the correct bowl for the piece, however the cockatoo itself is also shown in original Brockwitz catalogues as a solitary piece, and so it may have also been available as a separate item at time of manufacture?

Racyrabbit2000... Yes, I am disgusted with those couriers who think it funny to handle ANY package without due respect. I was speaking with an ex-employee of  Parcel Force once, and he told me that many workers will go out of their way to drop/kick etc. ANYTHING with a fragile tape on it, "just for a laugh!"  I did write to Parcel Force about this, but I received no reply. I also think that problems can arise by those who do not sell much glass and so they will not have any idea as how to wrap it accorgingly. An ill-fitting box, or just a few sheets scrunched-up newspaper seems to be OK by them... As a matter of course, I ALWAYS ask a seller (no matter who they be) to wrap & pack my purchase very well, as many need reminding. Folks do not mind you asking them again and again, if of course they are responsible. Purchasers ask that of me all of the time too, and I do not mind at all. I will even send a seller an empty box or two, crammed full of bubble wrap etc. if "I" consider that they require it...  I am not interested in collecting Glass Jig-Saw Puzzles. I want my purchases to arrive to me completely damage free, and if I can assist with that, then fine, and NEVER will I accept 2nd Class Postage within England! It's either next day delivery or forget it! And PLEASE dont mail to me on a Friday... My purchase, will be stuck in a Post Office depot with any manner of items stacked upon it during weekend closures. Keep it with you until Monday please... It stands a much better chance of arriving to me safely.
I have even gone out of my way, to PURPOSELY DROP a box that I have packed...
After all, it is going to be dropped and thrown into a back of a delievery van by who knows who, and if "I" cannot drop it without its contents breaking, then it sure isn't packed appropriately... We who sell glass, have a responsiblity to do our very very best to wrap & pack, or else we should be ashamed of ourselves.
We are CUSTODIANS of items (not just their owners) many of which are irreplaceable and with that comes a duty. 
We all of us carry our packages with care to a Post Office etc...
That same CARE, becomes history, once in the hands of some of the Apes who transport them...

There are times when I just wished that I collected FEATHERS rather than glass!  ;D


John Smith:
Pinkspoons... I can only imagine that the main reasons that most couriers will not insure against Glass, Antiques & Pottery for example, is that they do not have any control over how those items have been wrapped & packed...
I feel certain, that IF they were to make guidelines and instance upon how these items MUST BE PACKED, then perhaps they would insure against any damage.
I have to mail a 12 piece Victorian glass epergne, with fragile twisted canes, baskets and flutes, of exceptionally brittle glass to Canada from England next week...
It has got to arrive to my customer completely damage free.
How would most folks mail it?
How would a courier company know, that I had wrapped & packed it appropriately?
They sure aint gonna insure it, just by me paying an extra 20 or whatever!
Its about time, that THEY gave customers exact advice,
and YES even photographic proof by "US" the mailers
and then perhaps they would be more obliged to insure it.   

I understand not covering damage - it was the fact that Transglobal don't cover loss of parcels containing glass, etc...

The loss of a parcel is a courier failure, regardless of the parcel contents. Most other couriers make this distinction in their cover.

Solar ! you would have to get at least $500 pounds plus for that cockatoo in that bowl if not dont sell , Thats what it is worth to me , I know Nigel would have a better idea on prices ,i was willing to pay that or more for one recently and it never eventuated ,Still looking , REX and Theresa


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