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Author Topic: Moser ? not? Crackle glass vases enamel weeds flowers storks applied fish etc  (Read 607 times)

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I've been searching the net over the past few days trying to match some enamel type/style of decoration on a jug of mine.

Moser have said it was not done by them as they did not do that particular type of enamel. 
All signed Moser pieces I've found have a different type of enamel to my jug.  I haven't found one signed piece that matches the enamelling type or style on my jug.
My jug is 'free hand' enamel, i.e no outlines around each segment of enamel, whether coloured enamel outlines or gilded.  The enamelling on it is just like a painting, whereas all signed Moser pieces I've managed to find have an outline of some sort or be raised or gilded, hard to explain but definitely different to the enamelling on my jug.

So all good, I'm happy with my id for the blank and the enamelling ... however
the sticking point is, that I came across a crackle jug or pitcher that seemed to have a handle very similar to mine but was attributed as Moser.  It also had enamels that looked as though they were the same/similar type to mine (Indeed I came across quite a few of these with storks on all attributed as Moser but with no reference, including a few in uranium glass). 
see here for example of shape and enamelling I'm discussing -

Then  I found another crackle jug that had a handle that I believe is a Harrach device (Truitt's Bohemian Glass 1880-1940 page 54 1.1875-1905), and has the similar enamelling
see here -

ok so they could be Harrach blanks and Moser enamelled, but again the enamelling is similar to the way mine is done and Moser have said they don't do that enamel and there are no references to signatures.

Then I remembered the crackle and non-crackle glass vases with applied or enamelled  fish. Many of them also seem to have the same type of enamelling as mine and again seem to always be attributed to Moser but without references.

Basically  every crackle jug that I managed to find with that handle, and every applied /enamelled fish vase with crackle that I find, seems to be attributed to Moser , yet I've not managed to find a single signed piece with this type of enamelling on and none have a single reference source for their identification. It could just be my searching, but I'm curious.

Moser confirmed this crackle vase with applied fish here (see link) was not theirs.,38395.msg213078.html#msg213078
They also confirmed this plain vase no crackle, but with applied fish was not theirs,26955.msg147770.html#msg147770

My question is - does anyone own a type of piece liike this with enamelled fish/animal and weeds or flowers  on for example, or a jug with a stork on and painted grasses, either in crackle glass or not, that is signed Moser please?  And would you be willing to share pictures so I can see the enamelling detail?

Many thanks in advance for any help :)

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